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We, at SALON MINT, are a group of experienced journeyman stylists who are extremely passionate about our job and the art that we create on each individual who sits in our chair.
We are a team that have worked together for years, and thrive on each others ideas and creativity. When you come to Salon Mint you don't just have one person who takes pride in your hair, we all do! 
We don't just quit at hair though! Our team wouldn't be complete without our sweetheart of an esthetician. She provides many different services such as: gel nails, gel overlays, full body waxing and eyelash extentions,  just to name a few. 

Renee Merasty    Journeyman Hairstylist/Owner

Renee is one of Salon Mints owners and most experienced stylists. She has been doing hair for 13+ years and has travelled to numerous cities to enhance her education. One of her most memorable being when she travelled to all the way to Europe for extensive training. Renee is the "sweetheart", the "brain", and the "shop mama" of the bunch. We would be lost without her!  Most importantly, she is brilliant with color... she is always answering our many color questions on a daily basis! 


Renee's favorite thing to do when she isn't behind the chair: Being at home with her two young children, travelling with her husband, and catching up on all her trashy reality TV shows. ANDDDDDD again...literally anything to do with her children. She's the definition of "mama bear".


Renee's favorite thing to sip on: Mojitos

Shannon Parenteau   JourneymanHairstylist/Owner

Shannon is Salon Mints other owner and Renee's other half. Or Renee is Shannon's other half. However you want to look at it.

 Shannon has been doing hair for just over 9 years but feels like a lifetime. She couldn't imagine doing anything else! Shannon is the face behind Salon Mints Social Media...she is never short on instagram posts..so dont forget to follow Salon Mint on instagram and facebook!

Shannon started her hair career at Regina's busiest Aveda concept salon a few years back where she worked and trained under extremely talented stylists and truly believes she is the stylist she is today because of their mentoring. She has been in LOVE with Aveda product and training ever since. She couldn't imagine having a salon unless it was AVEDA.

This gal is Salon Mints "extrovert" to say the least... 

She doesn't only do great hair... she will keep you entertained. 


Shannon's favorite thing to do when she isn't behind the chair: writing, concerts, travel, and loving the crap out of her busy boy!


Shannon's favorite thing to sip on: Starbucks grande pike roast (one and one)

Nicole is one talented girl for her youthful self!  Nicole is one of those stylists who had instant success. She was instantly insanely good at everything hair from the very beginning. Nicole has been in the industry for almost 8 years and is magnificant with all kinds of color! She is extraordinary with blondes!

She keeps us laughing everyday with her rediculous questions and remarks and that is why we love her. This picture captures her personality perfectly, as she is very good at laughing at herself with us! Her beauty shines on the hair she creates daily and she is always very up to date with the latest trends as you can tell just by looking at her trendy adorable self.


Nicole's favorite thing to do when she isn't behind the chair:    watching copious amounts of Netflix with her boyfriend, hanging with her puppy "Blue", working out, and spending time with her girlfriends. 


Nicole's favorite thing to sip on: Parylyzers!

Nicole Adams  Journeyman Hairstylist

Allie Bueckert

Nail technician/Waxing specialist/

lash extension specialist

Allie is Salon Mints esthetician. If we could pick one word to describe her its "sweet". EVERYONE loves her. Her voice is the most soothing thing you will ever hear and she cries at the drop of a hat. She really does wear her heart on her sleeve and that is why so many of her clients have become great friends as well. It is only a bonus that she is amazing at what she does.


Her days are often jam packed running between lashes and nails from morning till evening with no breaks in site. Once you have had the pleasure of a service from this doll you will see why she's so busy. 


Come kick back and get cozy with this beautiful sweet soul.


Allie's favorite thing to do when she isn't pampering people: Spending time at the lake, retail therapy, cooking delicious food, and hanging with her boys: boyfriend Cody and dog Rosy. 


Allie's favorite thing to sip on: White wine


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